Hydra Dialler

Key Features

Hydra dialler has many clear advantages over non predictive telephone systems, most notably by way of huge increases in agent productivity.

The Hydra software works through your data (prospects) and not only differentiates between answering machines, busy signals, live responses and fax machines but also notifies managers of agent's performance.

The system works by detecting the live contact whilst anticipating the availability of an agent. It then passes the call to the available agent before it rings. It does this by using a variety of algorithms to adjust the timing of outbound calls and predict the availability of 'idle' agent to respond to a live call. The system regulates the calling process according to the number of agents it anticipates to be available, the average length of the call and historical percentage of calls that are likely to get a live caller.

If fewer agents are available, the dialler should dial less frequently. It is through these self-learning algorithms that 'predictability' of the predictive Hydra dialler comes into action. Where calls are put through and no agent is available (drop calls) Hydra also incorporates a pre-recorded message facility to hold onto a client before he or she is attended by a live agent.

Here's a breakdown of the key feature of the Hydra dialler;

Predictive Outbound Dialling

The Hydra Dialler can simultaneously combine multiple outbound dialling whilst allowing inbound calls. This allows companies to run both inbound and outbound within one system, efficiently and professionally.

Using the Hydra dialler over a non predictive system will significantly increase talk time and performance by 300%+. Hydra automatically removes unproductive calls such as no answers, busy tones, dead numbers and answer machines ensuring you get the maximum efficiency from your data and agents whilst remaining OFCOM and OFTEL compliant.

Advanced Inbound Functionality

Hydra will seamlessly blend inbound calls with your outbound dialling activity to optimise agent performance and manage bursts of inbound activity.

Real Time Data Management & Reporting

Hydra provides a reporting interface which give real-time and historic reporting in an easy to read format. Data can be filtered by date, campaign and agent. There is also a "status board" which will give details of logged in agents, dialled calls, agents waiting and call queues

Sophisticated Call Recording

All calls are recorded and can be accessed and downloaded via the management interface. Recordings can be searched by time, date and agent.

Third-party application Integration

The Hydra Predictive Dialler System has the ability to integrate with third-party applications via ODBC connections to it’s back-end MySQL database.

Call Scripting

The Hydra agent interface allows for custom scripts to be assigned to your campaigns.

Bespoke Configuration

Hydra is a highly adaptable solution which can be tailored to your existing contact and business strategies. Hydra can be configured for your exact business needs, not those of businesses like yours.

Hydra can map your existing call centre processes and deliver a solution perfect for your business.

Call routing, campaign structure, data management, dialler algorithms, agent roles, script options, call recording permissions, reporting and more can all be tailored and created through a simple user interface to meet your business needs

VoIP & SIP Enabled

With Hydra you can be safe in the knowledge that your investment is future proofed due to its industry leading VOIP technology.

Hydra uses industry leading SIP Trunks to route all calls via the internet. This is a huge benefit over expensive, limited ISDN30 circuits.


At GARC we understand that your call centre works outside the typical 9-5 working day so we tailor our support packages to suit your specific needs.

Not only do we provide first class support but GARC will also provide you with:

continuous software upgrade
free of charge Supervisor and Administrator training
expert onsite account management

Hosted Dialler

While most of our clients prefer the onsite system set up, where we will install the Hydra system on a server within your own facility, some customers may prefer to opt for the Hosted solution.

The system is essentially the same, although this time the software is housed (hosted) on GARC's servers at one of our datacentres in the UK. You still get access to all the normal features associated with the Hydra dialler and won’t notice any difference in performance or usability. Our hosted solution is suited to large and smaller organisations alike.

Hosted solution benefits include;

• Unlimited lines - 100Mbps pipe per server enough for 3000 lines
• Stable and resilient - installed onto hardened server, clustering available more than 50 clients using this service
• High performance - very fast calling rates per minute
• 3 services in 1 - hosted predictive dialler, Inbound contact centre and PBX service
• International support - we support clients globally
• No long terms commitments - 6 month contract then rolling monthly
• SQL Database Integration - Extract and customise reports easily.
• Unlimited Support and training - both are included in the monthly service fee

Key Benefits

Reduce Call Centre Costs

With Hydra, costs are significantly reduced by increasing the productivity of your agent. Our customers have been able to reduce the number of agents required to achieve their goals and therefore able to reduce staff costs, management costs and also office costs.

Significantly Increase Productivity

Hydra will increase the productivity of your agents by removing unproductive calls such as no answers, busy tones, dead numbers and answer machines providing your staff with three times as many opportunities to sell.

Increase Staff Visibility

Hydra allows you to have full visibility of all aspects of your call centre and to identify who or what is making you money whilst highlighting the agents or campaigns which are under performing.

Maximise Data Performance & Investment

Hydra provides you with user definable recycling rules and automated data management allowing you to increase data penetration and number of attempted contacts per record therefore boosting your chances of making more sales and increasing the opportunities to up sell and cross sell.

Incredible Return on Investment Measured in Days Not Years

Hydra will increase the productivity of your call centre by 300%, this increased productivity will increase your company's turnover and profit margins paving the way for a Return on Investment typically seen within 90 days.

Complete Call Centre in a Box One supplier One Solution One Low Cost

Hydra is a feature rich system providing you with all the functionality your call centre requires including different dialling modes, call recording, scripting, management information plus much more.

All applications work seamlessly together ensuring maximum uptime and productivity and therefore maximised profitability and reduced costs.

Reduce Agent Idle Time

Hydra can seamlessly blend inbound calls with your outbound dialling strategy to reduce agent idle time. This removes the requirement for different inbound and outbound teams therefore saving money and maximising agent performance.


GARC's first class award winning support will provide your business with the resources and assistance you need to get the best out of your call centre solution.

Training Support Process

Excellent support begins with excellent training. During the installation of the Hydra system our engineers will train and educate your staff on how to get the most from the system.

Post-installation further advanced training can be arranged. Our training courses are aimed at varying levels from Team Leaders through to Dialler Managers. Each course is designed to ensure that your staff acquires the right knowledge to manage your call centre efficiently.

On-going Updates

As part of our support package you will benefit from on-going updates free of charge. You can be confident that your Hydra investment will be future proofed against regulatory changes and industry developments for many years to come.

Expert Account Management

The purpose of our call centre experienced Business Development Managers is to help your business grow. They will help you to get the most out of your system by organising regular free of charge training sessions for relevant staff.

Additionally they will periodically arrange for a remote Dialler Optimisation “health” check to be carried out. These checks will monitor the settings on your system for a short period, ensure Ofcom compliance, improve productivity, understand the information Hydra is providing and identify ways in which we can help you improve your call centre’s performance and growth.